Anonymous ideas sharing and feedback channel.

Free software that uses anonymity to give your employees the ability to share ideas without fear of bias and creates custom anonymous feedback channels for your organization.

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Why are past employees ranking us so poorly as a place to work?
Why do we keep losing employees of color?
Why aren’t we getting as many applications as last year?
Why isn’t our team adapting quickly to the changing market?
Why are the people speaking up the same few ones?
The problem

Employees don't share their ideas and feedback because...

  1. They are scared of being judged.
  2. They don't think anyone would listen.
  3. They never get the chance
The solution

Riff gives every member of your team an equal voice, removing the hurdles of office politics. Anyone on your team can submit ideas anonymously and show their support for teammates’ ideas that they like. If an idea gets significant support, the creator can choose to claim credit or remain anonymous.

Did you know inclusive organizations are:

more likely to have better business outcomes

more likely to be overall innovative

more likely to be to be nimble and agile

more likely to meet or exceed financial targets

The Knot


Our tools for a more inclusive organization


Speak up. Be creative.

Ideaspaces use anonymity to empower team members to contribute their best ideas without fear. New ideas are announced to the team via email and/or Slack, and team members can support ideas with upvotes. Ideas that receive significant support get recognized in the hall of fame, and the creator can choose to reveal their identity.


Get the conversation started.

Brainstorms allow team members to pose questions anonymously and gather anonymous answers. Brainstorm questions are announced to the team via email and/or Slack and team members can answer anonymously and upvote other answers.

Team feedback

Anonymously leave feedback

Team Feedback allows team members to send feedback anonymously to anyone in your ideaspace or specific groups like HR. Feedback is not public, only the specified party will receive an email containing the feedback.

Riff works with your existing tools

Seamlessly introduce Riff and integrate it into your organization’s workflow. When a new idea or brainstorm is posted, we can ping a Slack channel in your organization and every member will receive an email. On Friday morning we'll give you a digest of your week and re-surface the new and most popular ideas from the week.


Use cases

A more inclusive culture

If you have succeeded in increasing the diversity of your organization, now is the time to ensure that those employees have a voice and feel heard.

Empower your ERGs

Empower employee resource groups to be admins for the company's Riff ideaspace. Brainstorms are a great way to get important conversations started.

Re-engage remote teams

Have a dispersed company and want to encourage innovative collaboration? Riff lets your people flex their creativity whenever works best for them!

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Anonymous ideas sharing and feedback channel.

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